(Territory of Ariano Irpino - AV)


Archaeological excavations of Aequum Tuticum (territory of Ariano Irpino). Aequum Tuticum was one of the oppida which had the function of capital city for the entire Samnite League, not only because of its importance as a most relevant junction-point along the main livestock transhumance track-trails whose origins can be traced back to the pre-Samnite Appennine civilization, but also by reason of its role as a meeting centre for the whole Samnite people ( tuticum is an adjective from touto , which means “people”, in Oscan ), when the federated Samnite tribes had to take important political decisions in times of war or peace.

The great oak visible in one of the photos may induce one to think about the ancient cult to the goddess Kerres (the noun of the oak in the local dialectical form “cerza” derives from the goddess’s name : Kčrres>Kčrs>Cčrz-a). And we believe that it isn’t improbable that at Aequum Tuticum precisely there stood one oak or many of them sacred to the goddess’s worship, if we consider their extraordinary generative powers through their stem-shoots that may extend their life for centuries.

From this archaeological site it is possible to see at a short distance a place called “Le Bolle” (because of some boiling small mud-volcanoes), at the Malvizza, a locality in Montecalvo Irpino territory, where there was an Italic temple dedicated to the Oscan goddess Mephites. ( see Sect. n° )


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